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Composite Doors

Composite doors are manufactured using only high quality materials and state of the art design and technology, giving it unrivalled performance when it comes to durability, security and energy efficiency.

As well as being built to last they are available in many styles and colours with a huge choice of glazing configurations and glass options.

ATJ Home & Lifestyle can supply and fit Composite Doors in Northampton and the surrounding area.

The Ranges & Continental Composite Door - Colours




Continental Composite Doors - Styles





The Ranges Composite Door - Styles








PDF Downloads - The Composite Door Collection

The Ranges PDF Link
The Suffolk Range  Composite-Door-Suffolk-Range.pdf
The Norfolk Range  Composite-Door-Norfolk-Range.pdf
The Essex Range  Composite-Door-Essex-Range.pdf
The Bedford Range  Composite-Door-Bedford-Range.pdf
The Kent Range  Composite-Door-Kent-Range.pdf
The Surrey Range  Composite-Door-Surrey-Range.pdf
The Sussex Range  Composite-Door-Sussex-Range.pdf
The Gloucestershire Range  Composite-Door-Gloucestershire-Range.pdf
The Dorset Range  Composite-Door-Dorset-Range.pdf
The Hampshire Range  Composite-Door-Hampshire-Range.pdf
The Hertfordshire Range  Composite-Door-Hertfordshire-Range.pdf
Continental Range PDF Link
Berlin - Solid Range Composite-Door-Berlin-Range.pdf 
Madrid - Stripes Range Composite-Door-Madrid-Range.pdf
Oslo - Obscure Range Composite-Door-Oslo-Range.pdf
Paris - Brillance Range Composite-Door-Paris-Range.pdf
Athens - Obscure Range Composite-Door-Athens-Range.pdf
Vienna - Stripes Range Composite-Door-Vienna-Range.pdf
Rome - Stripes Range Composite-Door-Rome-Range.pdf
Prague - Bubbles Range Composite-Door-Prague-Range.pdf

PVCu Panel Doors

PVCu doors are low maintenance, energy efficient, durable, secure and stylish our PVCu doors are available in wide variety of styles, designs and are available in 3 colours, white, oak and rose wood.

There are many optional extras and ways you can further customize your door to suit the style of your home.

ATJ Home & Lifestyle can supply and fit PVCu Panel Doors in Northampton and the surrounding area.

What is the difference between uPVC and PVCu?
It is the same thing. uPVC changed it’s name to PVCu (you may also see it as PVC-U) in the late 1980s to fall in line with Europe. It is called PVCu there because most European languages place the noun (the word PVC in this case) before the adjective (U).

The ‘PVC’ part of it stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. The ‘U’ stands for Un-plasticised.

Glass Types







PDF Downloads

Glass Type
PDF Link
Fusion Glass UPVC-Panel-Door-Fusion-Glass.pdf
Bevelled Glass UPVC-Panel-Door-Bevelled-Glass.pdf
Resin Bevelled Glass UPVC-Panel-Door-Resin-Bevelled-Glass.pdf
Decorative Glass UPVC-Panel-Door-Decorative-Glass.pdf
Sandblasted Glass UPVC-Panel-Door-Sandblasted-Glass.pdf
Standard Glass UPVC-Panel-Door-Standard-Glass.pdf
Inverted Mouldings UPVC-Panel-Door-Inverted-Mouldings.pdf

Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are a great way of bring the outside, in. They offer clear views into your garden and are available in different opening configurations to suit your needs.

Patio doors are great if your have any restrictions to stop your doors opening out. Our Patio doors are the most secure sliding doors available and meet the “Secure by Design” requirements.

ATJ Home & Lifestyle can supply and fit Patio Doors in Northampton and the surrounding area.

PDF Downloads

Patio Door
PDF Link
System10 PatioDoors-System10.pdf
Rustique PatioDoors-Rustique.pdf
Esthetique PatioDoors-Esthetique.pdf

French Doors

French doors are popular choice of door for opening in to a conservatory or garden. They are available in u-PVC or composite options French doors are a great way of getting light in to you’re home also allowing you to enjoy the garden all year round.

French doors offer great flexibility allowing you to use just one or both of the doors giving day to day access or a full unobstructed opening whether you’re just nipping into the garden or entertaining guest French doors are the versatile option.

ATJ Home & Lifestyle can supply and fit French Doors in Northampton and the surrounding area.

PDF Downloads

The Ranges PDF Link
System 10 FrenchDoors-System10.pdf
Rustique FrenchDoors-Rustique.pdf
Esthitique FrenchDoors-Esthetique.pdf

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are becoming more and more popular due to their flexibility of use and the large clear opening they provide. When the door is fully open the door leafs fold neatly to one side leaving a clear unobstructed opening.

This creates light, open plan spaces to suit your life style. The most common use of bi-fold doors is opening into a conservatory, orangey or garden.

ATJ Home & Lifestyle can supply and fit Bi-Fold Doors in Northampton and the surrounding area.

PDF Downloads

The Ranges PDF Link




Aluminium BiFoldDoors-Aluminium.pdf

Our Guarantee

ATJ Home & Lifestyle is committed to customer care, which is why we have a 10-year, insurance backed guarantee across our entire product range.

We have an exceptional reputation for quality and our team of highly skilled craftsmen enable us to provide our clients with the highest levels of service and satisfaction.

For complete peace of mind please download our ATJ Home & Lifestyle Guarantee here.

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